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Murders, mysteries and laughter. We are a husband and wife duo with an affinity for creepy stories. Wicked and Grim will take us through the world of devilish tales with the possibility of live and light hearted marital disputes.


Latest Episode

Interested in checking out our latest episode?

Every week we release a new true crime episode on Tuesday at 12:00 PST. Among those episodes you may find a few bonus episodes release or a second part to another episode as a follow up. 
You can find all the episodes here on our website, or check out an app like Spotify or Apple Podcast. Just search Wicked and Grim and you will find us.

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"Believe me, if I started murdering, there would be none of you left."
-Charles Manson


About us

About us hey? Well we are Nicole and Ben, a husband and wife duo from northern British Columbia. We have two huskies named Meika and Ripley, as well as a black cat named Kiwi. You might see him around on our social media a bit as he is our unofficial mascot for Wicked and Grim.


Tacos, sushi and pizza are a staple in our house. We enjoy margaritas, Netflix and most of all TRUE CRIME. 

Nicole is certainly more about the solved cases, where we know who did it or what happened. Ben is more into the unsolved cases with mysteries and the unknown. Even having a secret obsession with the supernatural and paranormal.





Ben Gibson

Nicole Gibson




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