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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

It's official and you are here to witness it, we have a website! It's not much yet but we are just getting our feet off the ground with Wicked and Grim.

It felt like we had everything under control just a week ago with our podcast and that we had a long time before we ever had to worry about getting things like a website in line, but here we are. So many more of you are tuning in each day and looking for ways you can communicate, support, and grow with us so here we are!

Mind you, the website is in its basic stages right now but in time we will continue to add more. As it stands now you can tune into episodes, learn a little about us and even see what we have to post about here on our blog.

Thank you again to everyone out there for your amazing support and as always, STAY WICKED! -Ben & Nicole

#truecrime #podcast #staywicked

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