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Exclusive Merch!

Ok so if you didn't know we have merch, and all the designs are created and drawn by us.

It wasn't long ago that we decided exclusive designs would be a cool idea to have when it comes to our merch, so that's exactly what we decided to do! Among our other designs we released this deign is only obtainable by winning it through a giveaway with us! You can't buy it, or put in an order, you have to win it.

The deign in itself (shown below) is rather special, it allows who ever is wearing it to become the badass of the day. But what does that mean? Well if you listen to our podcast we will once and a while give a victim, in one of the cases that we cover, this illustrious title. They become our badass of the day by fighting back, not giving up, showing strength, resilience, fortitude, and many other aspects. They become our badass of the day because they didn't give up. Since you are here with us listening to our show every week, and don't give up on us, this is your chance to wear that title loud and proud as well!

So keep an eye of for how you can get this piece for merch for yourself, absolutely free by taking part in our giveaways as a way to say thank you for being so wicked. :D

-Ben and Nicole

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