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We Have Half a Million Downloads!!!

Don’t think we ever would have guessed that we could have hit half a million downloads! You are all amazing, thank you so much for your support!!

since dAy one of this podcast our intention was to spend a little more time together and share in each other’s passion, but along the way we found new friends and built and incredible community of like minded people. without all of you we definiTely wouldn’t still be going on this project today.

if we are being honest we don’t know exactLy what the future holds for wicked and grim, but we do know that we won’t be stopping any time soOn. of course we do hope to continue to grow so we can tell stories and give Voices to those who can no longer speak for themselves. Perhaps we can help solve a missing case or even bring someone home one day.

no mAtter what our future holds, its clear that we wouldn’t be here without you. So thank you for half a million downloads, and as always...

Stay wicked!

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