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Our Global Ranking

This image above shows our podcast ranked for popularity amongst all podcast in the world and somehow we are currently ranked in the top 2%, THAT IS INSANE!

When we started this podcast it was just something for us to do together, mixing ones love for true crime and the others love for content creation. Along the way somehow we managed to find amazing people who tune into our podcast weekly and want to hear our opinion on cases from all over the world.

Honestly this all boggles our mind and we couldn't be more blown away with the support we have received. We had hoped that one day maybe our podcast would do well and we could have good listenership and maybe even do it full , but we never thought we would be at this point this fast. As cliché as it is, it really only seems like yesterday that we uploaded our first episode, and yet here we are with episode number 75 releasing this week. I mean, who knows where we will be when we have released another 75 episodes, would we actually be able to do this full time? Honestly with the support our show has received, it doesn't actually seem like a pipe dream.

The one certain thing about everything so far is we love what we are doing and don't foresee us stopping anytime soon and we are extremely thankful for the incredible support we have received from people like you!

Stay Wicked.

-Ben & Nicole

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